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High Quality

resized c1* Mobile Number Portability

* Direct connections to operators

* Delivery reports

*Professional support

Save & Secure

resized c3* Secured data stream 

* Secured payment/ methods 

* Uptime 99.9%

* Protected customer data.

Ready to Use

resized c2* Straight forward User Interface 

* Requires no technical knowledge.

* Easy to use

* It is fast and reliable 

Send SMS?

adjusted 156x104Send bulk sms messages worldwide through the world's largest proprietary messaging network. Gain bulk messaging access to 800+ operators in 190+ countries. All sms are delivered within seconds and a delivery report is given for each one.

Text messaging is the most effective, influential and trouble-free technique to keep contact with your customers.

Why Choose Us !

Quality Services
We render quality service to thousands of people nationwide. We offer competitive price without compromising on quality service.

You can use any device with internet access to send messages using our platform. With your computer, phone and tablet PC you're good to go.
Our platform delivers SMS instantly to all networks.

Fast & Secured

Our platform is secured and we are using the latest technologies with security experts working 24/7 to ensure the site is well secured from cyber attack.
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Start your own bulk sms business now.


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Business Notifications

* Send your customers notifications on your latest
products or services in your business.                                                     

* Use bulk sms to remind your customers on your
upcoming events.

* Use bulk sms to remind your customers on their
membership renewals.

* send reminder on server downtime, password resets
and many more.

Organizational Programs

tip 1

* Use bulk sms to invite your members on your
outreach programs.

* Mobilize your members for evangelism.

* Schedule follow-up messages to your first-time

* Use bulk sms to refer your members to your
tv and radio programs. 






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Sms For Personal Use

tip 3

* Send your friends and colleagues wedding invitations,
birthday party and many more

* Send motivational sms to people in order to make a
difference in people's lives.

* Send your love ones sms on ongoing events such as
new year sms, new month sms, thank you.