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Business Notifications

* Send your customers notifications on your latest
products or services in your business.                                                     

* Use bulk sms to remind your customers on your
upcoming events.

* Use bulk sms to remind your customers on their
membership renewals.

* send reminder on server downtime, password resets
and many more.

Organizational Programs

tip 1

* Use bulk sms to invite your members on your
outreach programs.

* Mobilize your members for evangelism.

* Schedule follow-up messages to your first-time

* Use bulk sms to refer your members to your
tv and radio programs. 






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Sms For Personal Use

tip 3

* Send your friends and colleagues wedding invitations,
birthday party and many more

* Send motivational sms to people in order to make a
difference in people's lives.

* Send your love ones sms on ongoing events such as
new year sms, new month sms, thank you.