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The Send SMS Online text message reseller program is a customizable white-label reseller program designed to assist mobile marketing entrepreneurs in creating their own small text message marketing business. Send SMS Online offers sms resellers the ability to create their own branding, sell text message marketing plans, set up customer campaigns, and control their own billing and SMS customer service.


There are many reseller program opportunities available on the internet today. These provide options for people to make money without having to develop their own product or service. Anyone with good sales skills or a good reach to small businesses can make money with reseller programs. Our text marketing reseller program is great for people who network with managers of small or large businesses.



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Business Notifications

* Send your customers notifications on your latest
products or services in your business.                                                     

* Use bulk sms to remind your customers on your
upcoming events.

* Use bulk sms to remind your customers on their
membership renewals.

* send reminder on server downtime, password resets
and many more.

Organizational Programs

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* Use bulk sms to invite your members on your
outreach programs.

* Mobilize your members for evangelism.

* Schedule follow-up messages to your first-time

* Use bulk sms to refer your members to your
tv and radio programs. 






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Sms For Personal Use

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* Send your friends and colleagues wedding invitations,
birthday party and many more

* Send motivational sms to people in order to make a
difference in people's lives.

* Send your love ones sms on ongoing events such as
new year sms, new month sms, thank you.